Boat Lockers

Rent a Boat Locker at the Vaal Dam. Our Boat Lockers are individual lockers with roll up doors and electricity. Includes launch and retrieval service.

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Boat Locker Features

Get value for your money. All features are included in our packages

Vaal Dam Moorings
Water & Electricity

The standard outdoor camping plug is provided.

Vaal Dam Boat Lockers
Controlled access points

Security gates and pass codes are installed

Vaal Dam Moorings
Night lights

To assist you no matter when you feel the need to go out on the water

Vaal Dam Boat Lockers

The harbour has patrolling guards and security beams

Our Boat Lockers are individual lockers with roll up doors. They are designed to give your boat the home and security she deserves. We cater for most sizes of boats. We have different sizes of garages to cater for different sizes of boats. The lockers are arranged in four blocks and we have a tractor service to cater for all your launching needs. We have 100 boat garages as well as a communal storage warehouse for those outsized vessels.

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